“I dream of what I know," thought the thinker.

God, lately I’ve struggled to reconcile your existence with my own. Someone once told me,

“We are dreamers. We live inside our dreams—our stories—when we listen.”

I have dreams. I dream of what I know:

I dream of people and places.

I dream of fear and pain.

I dream of love and joy.

I dream of experiences and premonitions.

I dream of nostalgia and confusion.

I dream of reality and unreality.

So you too must dream. You dream a dream that gives existence to our world. You tell the story of our existence. We are manifestations of your narrative.

If we are your manifestations, are we not dreamers who dream and then live inside the dream?

Am I your dreamer? Or do I tell my own story?

The thinker, telling the story

And, now, a theme that tells your tale…

Did it tell it well?