Yours forever sets out.

Bitter taste
Breaths abate
From disgrace
We awake
Locked in place
Words escape
Forced to face
One more wake

Meager health
Took a dive
Damaged self
Can’t survive
Did this help?
Was it wise?
Have we spelt?
Our demise?

Anchors snap
Sails give way
Senses grasp
Wits betray
Eons pass
Thoughts replay
Voices gab
I dismay

Here we lie
In decay
Minds awry
Souls astray
Where was I?
What’s today?
Could we try?
Who’s to say?

Stars obscured
Bearings gone
Course inferred
But it’s wrong
Endless churn
For so long
Say the word
Will is strong

Minds set free
Moored no more
Worlds that we
Could explore
Time to see
What’s in store
Out to sea

Yours forever, caught in the tide of unfathomable impossibilities