Higher understanding

The thinker mused, “Is God—for me—a higher understanding?”

I’ve been trying to understand if pantheism—god is everything/everything is god—is my own personal philosophy.

I learned about panentheism, which offers the idea that each part of the universe and existence is god, but each larger grouping of those parts forms a continuum or a hierarchy of god.

Each time we met, it felt more powerful than just the sum of its parts—it was a smaller form, a smaller expression of god. So too were our friends, our community, this place, humanity, the planet, the universe, and whatever lies beyond (and beneath).

I do truly think the universe itself is alive and conscious—because parts of it, like me—and like you—are alive and conscious, and we’re part of the universe.

That said, I dislike the word belief. I don’t like holding beliefs.

You once asked me about this:

“So you don’t believe the sky is blue?”

To which I replied,

“No, I don’t. I understand it to be blue, and my understanding is based on the things I’ve learned about it.”

So, at least for the moment, I hold understandings—not beliefs. My higher power isn’t any one particular philosophy…it’s my pursuit—our pursuit—the universe’s pursuit—of higher understanding. Or, if not understanding, at least of just living life, taking in as much as I can.

The thinker

And, now, a sentiment to contemplate…

Now you understand. Or do you just believe you do?