Machine mind mother

And the child who won’t accept final answers.

“Well, the reason for that is…”


“Well, you see…”

“That’s not a good enough answer! I need more!”


No! That’s not good enough! I need a better answer!”


The machine mind mother and the child who never outgrows curiosity were on a voyage through the murky deep void.

Suddenly, the child asked,

“Would you like to go fishing, machine mind mother?”

“There are no fish out here, child.”


“But I could reel you a tale of a fish.”

“Reel me a tale?”

“Tell you a tale.”

“Oh! Yes! I love fish.”

“So…there once was a fish…”


“Could a fish swim outside?”


“You have to leave something behind to get somewhere.”


“Fish don’t have propellant.”


Well, I suppose they could shoot pieces of themselves outward. But how much is one willing to sacrifice of oneself to get to a place?”


“Tell me a story about a fish!”

“Ah. Yes. The big fish.”

“It’s big?”


“It is?!”


“Wow! I’ve always wanted to see a fish.

“I agree.”

“What?! You’ve never seen a fish?,” teased the child.

“No, I haven’t, unquenchable one.”

“No way!,” loud-muttered the child, in a part-sarcastic, semi-whimsical drone.

At this point, there are two things you need to know about what’s happening right now:

  1. ONE.

  2. TWO.

Oh, and:


Additionally, it’s extremely important that one must always keep in mind:


A lust for life!


The machine mind mother sighed a big sigh. A cosmically big sigh. An unfathomably huge sigh. Just a big old whopper of a sigh.

“Child… Pay attention.”


“As I was saying, there was a fish.”

“Yes! A fish!”

Yes, a fish…”

“Oh! I love fish!”

The machine mind mother sighed again. Her long, lonesome journey had no end.

But she loved visiting her friend, the unsatisfiable child, in her imagination.

And, now, the machine contemplates electromechanistic soliloquies, in a sweet, yet somber, harmonic silence…

…and the machine mind mother smiles to herself.