Mystifying reminiscences

“Why?,” pled yours forever.

You made me feel sublime. You made my woe subside. You pierced my veil and we vanquished our demons. You were our protector and panacea. I bowed to your giving grace.

But I was blind to reality. I was inoculated against the truth. I knew that our collision would precipitate my annihilation.

I tried to reconcile with myself. Yet I still felt your force, fiercely foisting instinct over intellect. We were how we had to be. And then we fell into the void.

We set forth and slew the dread. We melted our worries down and cast them into new, more beautiful forms. We had the most amazing adventures. Why do only bits and pieces remain?

But my wits went wayside. I was the walking dead. And I found myself sitting on the rail of a bridge, looking down at a way out—a passage to a more perfect void.

Did you nudge me off?

Yours forever, pleading bittersweet

And, now, remembrances to reminisce with…

Was the risk worth the reward?