Nervous conductor

And the demanding the players.

Lights down.

Spotlight on the nervous conductor.

The conductor thrusts up a baton at the light.

The conductor lowers the baton.

The conductor points house left. A second light screams out at the first player stage right.

The player starts a slow roll.

The roll crescendos into a strike.

The lights go down.

A symphony of light shoots out from the stage floor, and the conductor sweeps left to right every color into existence as each of the hundred players hits right notes, stirring up a millionphonic wall of pure noise and harmony—for one brief moment.

The light on the conductor shuts off, and as soon as it does, another light blinks the conductor into existence behind the players. The conductor raises a hand—slowly—and fiercely jabs the air as all let loose total elation.

Waves crash over everyone.

The hall erupts in joy.