Theory vs. practice

Yours forever seeks a more perfect union.

Went on a vision quest
Consulted the oracle
Saw a million different futures
They all ended with you

Yet here I am, in one million and one

Trying my very best
My failure’s historical
Snubbed by a million angry viewers
They know I don’t have a clue

You’re a puzzle that I can’t solve
A paradox that I can’t resolve
A code I can’t crack
It’s what I lack that holds me back

…from you

I don’t have what it takes to get it done
I can’t win battles that can’t be won
I can’t reconcile paths that won’t intersect
I can’t even finish what I’m trying to say

Am I still even having fun?


Yours forever, perplexed and ever vexed

And, now, a feeling, a premonition—that they’ve figured it out, but you haven’t…

Is it even possible?