The river watcher sees a reflection in the streams of consciousness.

Head above water yet I keep on drowning
Will the laughter cease?—stop, I’m crying
I’m your greatest masterpiece, there’s no denying
This is it, my life has peaked

Find me in yesteryear’s next blockbuster
Just don’t blame me if it’s tired and lackluster
‘Cuz I wasn’t the writer, director, or producer
I’m just happy to be here

Deep sea diving living and thriving
Underwater creatures for teachers each year
But what they don’t teach ya is that they gon’ eat ya
Or is it the other way around?

Covered in the dayglow like I’m radioactive
Fell head first into a vat of acid
They say I’ve got superpowers, that I’ve got a gift
But all I hear is, “Merry Christmas!”

Seems like my mind’s always locked up in spirals
Up and down in that mental merry-go-round
Carousel-chained in a kingdom of what
Carousel-crowned in a kingdom of what?!

Stuck in yesteryear, living the dream
Sometimes everything is what it seems
Careful analysis is never rewarded
Eyes on the prize before your circuits are shorted

The river watcher, reflecting across time and existence with bittersweet nostalgia